Identity & Access Management with Identity Manager®

Securely manage the access needs of your ever-changing user community. With NetIQ Identity Manager, you can manage the full user life cycle – With these capabilities you will realise tangible business benefits: streamlined administration, increased security, reduced costs and a swift return on investment (ROI).  Identity & Access Management (IAM) is the most essential automated system to enable zero day start and instant access removal at the end of user’s lifecycle.

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Key Benefits

  • Deliver “Zero Day Start” with first-day access to essential resources
  • Synchronize multiple passwords into a single login
  • Modify or revoke access rights instantly across different systems and applications
  • Provides self-service features that enable users to maintain their own passwords and profile information


Provide Immediate Access to the right resources

With NetIQ Identity Manager, new users can be immediately productive, receiving access to essential business resources on the first day of their relationship with your organisation. In fact, when you create a new user in your HR database (or a customer or partner in their related application), all of the user’s accounts are generated automatically – according to your business rules – and any necessary resources or services are supplied. NetIQ Identity Manager also makes it easy to quickly and consistently manage user groups: you can automatically grant access rights to everyone with a given role (i.e., manager, VP, doctor, student, etc.).

Simplify Password Management

With NetIQ Identity Manager, you can synchronize a user’s passwords to provide a single password to all systems. Users are likely to remember a single password, but if they don’t, they can receive hints or change the password through self-service capabilities. Users can also manage their passwords using the native password interfaces in systems such as Microsoft Windows. To ensure that your passwords are secure, you can use NetIQ Identity Manager to create and enforce strong, system-wide password policies that will help protect your company against password-related attacks. The password management features of Identity Manager reduce helpdesk calls and increase security and user productivity.

Automate Routine User Management Tasks

NetIQ Identity Manager streamlines administration by automating routine user management tasks or enabling users to perform the tasks themselves. As users switch offices, receive promotions, take on special assignments or begin new projects, they may need updated access rights or user profile information. With a single change, NetIQ Identity Manager can automatically update users’ rights and information across all systems. It also enables users to update their own profiles – including contact information and other personal data – through an integrated self-service portal.

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