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Below is a list of various solutions the Maule Systems offers.

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Identity management with Identity Manager®

Helps you securely manage the access needs of your ever-changing user community. With NetIQ Identity Manager, you can manage the full user life cycle – With these capabilities you will realise tangible business benefits: streamlined administration, increased security, reduced costs and a swift return on investment (ROI). Read more…

Role Based Provisioning

The Challenge – Manually provisioning and de-provisioning employees with applications, services and network storage is time-consuming, lowers productivity and increases security risk. It takes too long for employees to get access to the resources they need to be productive. Read more…

ZENworks Configuration Management

Resource Management with Novell ZENworks® – The new ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) is composed of modular capabilities that can manage the desktop, server, hand-helds, user data, and patches. Suitable for a Windows Active Directory only environment. Read more…

Password Management

Plagued by password administration problems? With too many passwords to manage, your users either write them down or repeatedly contact the helpdesk for assistance. NetIQ® SecureLogin is a single sign-on solution that eliminates these problems: it reduces costs, strengthens security and simplifies daily life for your entire workforce. Read more…

Legacy Operating Systems Migrations & Upgrades

Wondering what you should do with your NetWare servers? Migrations to Open Enterprise Server (OES) on Suse Linux allow you to keep the current services but on a different, well known kernel. Training costs are reduced because the management interfaces are the same. Maule Systems offer experienced skills in project management for upgrades to latest versions of Open Enterprise Server and eDirectory. Health checks should routinely be conducted and always be done before major changes to your network. Read more…

Security Monitoring with Sentinel

Massive volume of security events require an automated correlation system for real-time alerting. Sentinel is military strength Security Information Event Management(SIEM). Sentinel delivers a centralized Event Source Management framework. With the lack of industry logging standards, using adaptable and flexible technology is central to being able to see events from all your data sources. Read more…

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Nov 27

IAM Specialists since 2008

We are a solution provider and system integrator you can trust—experienced, knowledgeable partners with the skills to do the job right. Our Certified Technical Specialists are trained to build comprehensive security and management systems based on identity for your networks. Solutions can include NetIQ Identity Manager, NetIQ Access Manager, and... read more →
Nov 26

Identity Management & Google Apps

A business case for using IDM to Provision Google accounts. Large scale deployments of Google Apps for Business or Education edition can be greatly assisted with the use of NetIQ Identity Manager. Reduce IT costs and keep users productive! Google AppsMake sure new employees have access to everything they need... read more →