Role Based Provisioning

The Challenge

Manually provisioning and de-provisioning employees with applications, services and network storage is time-consuming, lowers productivity and increases security risk

  • It takes too long for employees to get access to the resources they need to be productive
  • When employees leave or change roles, they often retain their former access rights, creating compliance problems
  • Managers are burdened by complicated procedures when provisioning new hires and may create security problems by authorizing rights incorrectly
  • Proving compliance to access control policies and network storage regulations is difficult; companies have no efficient way to obtain the necessary data

Reasons for Problem

  • Too much dependency on business managers to obtain the necessary resources for employees
  • As users join or leave organizations, or change roles, their storage requirements and access rights need to be updated to prevent a security breach
  • When an employee leaves an organization, there’s no process to reassign their resources to another employee
  • Manual processes are time consuming, error-prone and inefficient for validating compliance
  • Verifying what access has been granted within the enterprise requires excessive manual evaluation

Relevant Trends

  • Enterprises need to improve the efficiency of their employees to stay competitive; automatic provisioning shortens the time to productivity
  • Assuring that only authorized people have access to sensitive company data is a growing problem; user and group storage must be provisioned and de-provisioned based on roles and compliance with security regulations
  • Regulations are requiring companies to retain employee-authored data for many years, causing an explosive growth in storage requirements
  • Compliance policies are including what types of files can be stored in personal and group directories

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